The Network and its members are passionate about the customer experience Council community members, suppliers and other stakeholders experience.

As a provider of quality training for local government employees, our mission is to support our members achieve outstanding and consistent customer service delivery and enhance the customer experience.

The customer experience journey is not limited to customer service teams, but all employees (e.g. rangers, libraries, recreation facilities, community development outdoor crews, planners and surveyors etc) who interact with community members and other stakeholders.

Customer experience is the critical component to how all external stakeholders perceive an individual Council.

Through our online courses, our members add to their knowledge and skills with engaging and relevant information that is accessible at any time through our learning platform.

Our courses’ content equips staff to deal with armed robbery situations, handle customer complaints, deliver exceptional customer service and learn to use agent chat program to manage and keep track of customer issues.

Our suite of training modules are available as a bundled annual subscription (access to all 16 course modules) providing exceptional cost savings to your Council members.

Additionally ‘The Witness (Armed Hold Up) Training’ can be purchased an individual course is $129+ GST per user. Though this is also included in the bundled annual subscriptions. 

This is an amazing opportunity to partner with your Human Resources team to provide a suite of excellent and customer focused training across your Council.

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Further Information

Name: Bianca Reed

Position: Chief Marketing Officer, Learnt

Phone: 0410 748 740



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